Browse the Banting Scrapbooks

F.G. Banting compiled three scrapbooks over the course of his career, with the help of Sadie Gairns, his research assistant at the Banting Institute. The scrapbooks, which are not in chronological order, document both his scientific careeer and his personal life. Together, they comprise more than 500 pages, and they include newspaper clippings, photographs, letters, and other memorabilia.

Items in the scrapbooks that are of particular relevance to the discovery and early development of insulin have been described individually. These items are listed beside each scrapbook page, and can be used as starting points for finding related material in the collection.


Scrapbook 1

283 pages. Includes clippings on the discovery of insulin, F. G. Banting's first marriage and honeymoon; photographs of F. G. Banting and Charles Best on the roof of the Medical Building; photographs of Banting's early patients; Banting family photographs and letters; sketches and caricatures by Banting, Tibor del Polya, and Lismer; and items relating to Banting's trip to the Arctic with A. Y. Jackson.

Scrapbook 2

159 pages. Includes school reports, diplomas, degrees and certificates, clippings and photographs documenting F. G. Banting's life, career, and death 1930-1941. Also includes Christmas cards reproducing paintings by Banting and the memorandum of co-operation between the Connaught Antitoxin Laboratories and the researches of Dr. Banting, Mr. Best, and Dr. Collip ... dated January 25, 1922.

Scrapbook 3

83 pages. Includes clippings about the discovery of insulin and ensuing honours 1922-1930, memorabilia about the opening of the Banting Institute, family photographs, clippings about F. G. Banting's death.