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Diabetes serum cheats death, brings new life
Coveted U.S. medal is awarded Banting, insulin discoverer
Insulin saves lives at Montefiore home
Diabetes case, given up as hopeless, saved by serum
Protests against insulin
Came to city for insulin but none was available
New diabetes cure wins here
Insulin is plentiful in New York now
Insulin.  Large supplies in Great Britain
Would share honors with his colleagues
Permanently cured by insulin treatment
Insulin serum relieves Frank Vanderlip of critical illness
Banting to use Nobel award in aiding research
Plan chair of medicine to honor Dr. Banting
Actress' amazing cure
Miss Collier's recovery
Medical world is startled by insulin serum cure here
Helped by insulin cure
Discoverer of insulin gets a warm tribute from the old home town
Toronto Doctors Honored.
Insulin, its real value
Insulin method saves Galt girl
Photograph of Dr. and Mrs. Banting after their wedding with caption
The story of insulin - the newly discovered treatment for diabetes